Conservation of the Polar Bear in the Bear Islands
An archipelago is a group of 6 islands in the East Siberian Sea of the Arctic Ocean. The total area of the archipelago is about 60 km². In administrative terms, they belong to the Nizhnekolymsky region of Yakutia. In 2020, on the territory of the archipelago, as well as the adjacent part of the mainland, the state natural reserve "Bear Islands" was created.
Despite the relatively small size, the archipelago is of exceptional importance in the conservation of the polar bear population - up to 20 birth dens of a protected predator listed in the Red Book of Russia are found here annually.

Experts from the Tigrus Foundation have been working in the archipelago for many years (accounting the birth dens) and actively helping to create a new federal reserve.

At present, in addition to support from the spring census fund (supply of spare parts for snowmobiles and thermal imagers), much attention is paid to establishing a system for monitoring the polar bear population using modern photo and video recorders. Two batches of camera traps have been received from the Tigrus Foundation, and cooperation is actively developing.
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