Boats purchased for state inspectors
These 8-seater abakan boats are designed for challenging rafting trips on mountain rivers
In Khabarovsk region, Anyuysky National Park and the Tigrus Charitable Foundation are long-standing partners in the conservation of the Amur tiger population. Each year a joint plan is prepared and approved, according to which the main activities of the national park are carried out: Territory protection, environmental education, biotechnology, firefighting propaganda.
Recently, with financial support from Tigrus, boats for state inspectors were purchased. These 8-seater abakan boats are designed for demanding rafting trips on mountain rivers. The design of the boats allows for comfortable and most efficient use of the waterjet engine. The transom is positioned to protect the engine from collisions with the bottom and rocks when traveling in shallow water.
According to the manufacturer, the boat is safe even under heavy loads.
The reliable welds do not disintegrate even after hard and long use, and the inflatable bottom has reduced the draft and added buoyancy to the models.

As early as November, we will begin delivering grain for winter feeding of ungulates.

Tigrus Holding and its charitable foundation are a worthy example to follow, because contributing to the development of specially protected natural areas is an indicator of the attitude towards the national wealth of the country.