On this day we would like to announce a great news!
For more than two months specialists of the Directorate "Zapovednoe Priamurie" with the participation of state nature conservation inspectors of Anyuysky National Park studied the protected area and checked the results of photo recorders placed in the park in early 2019.

Analyzing the data, it was found that there are already 29 tigers in Anyuysky National Park: 23 adult tigers and 6 tiger cubs born in 2018.

In 2017, experts estimated that only 16-20 Amur tigers live in Anyuysky National Park, but now there is a significant increase of the rare predator.

Tigrus Charitable Foundation has been actively expanding cooperation with the national park since 2016. We are pleased that the fight against poachers and feeding of ungulates in the park is bringing tangible results - now we will try to help the national park stabilize the high number of red-listed species and create conditions for their reintroduction to neighboring regions.