"Kamchatka. A story in foxes"
In the Kronotsky Reserve in Kamchatka, the shooting of a film about red predators continued for 3 years. The authors of the film are well-known filmmakers Dmitry and Anna Shpilenok ("Shpilenokfilm").

In the lenses of video cameras, the life of foxes living in the protected area, their relationships within families and with representatives of other animal species. In order not to disturb the animals and their growing offspring, the shooting was carried out using long-range optics and camera traps.
Recall that the main task of the project "Kamchatka. A story in foxes" is to show how subtle relationships are in the wild. Any unbalanced decision of a person for the sake of obtaining additional profit from natural resources will entail unpredictable consequences: both for people and for wild animals, ecosystems as a whole. The foxes that live near Kronotsky Lake are an indicator of the state of protected nature.
"Kamchatka. A Story in Foxes" is not only a full-length film, but also a large photo project. In 2023, a series of photo exhibitions will be held in Moscow, excellent photo albums have been published.

The Tigrus Foundation, the partner of the project, has been promptly helping since 2021 - the necessary equipment for filming and editing the film is being purchased.
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