Project history
The idea to help the Amur tigers, the unique animals of Russia, came to the founders of Tigrus Holding, Henrik and Julia Winter, about 15 years ago. Thus, began the successful history of Tigrus Restaurant Holding, a company with the concept of helping wildlife by implementing projects from the money earned. The implementation of ideas began with personal involvement and work with various conservation funds, as well as the targeted use of funds to support Amur tigers.
October 2015
The first trip of Tigrus Holding managers to Anyuysky National Park in Khabarovsk region was made.

During the expedition the team explored the situation on the ground, met with national park staff and local scientists, learned about the real problems in the conservation of the world's northernmost group of tigers, was deeply affected by the seriousness of the situation and fell in love with the beauty of the taiga.

At the end of the expedition it was decided to organize a separate conservation project under the umbrella of Tigrus Holding, which will help the wise inhabitants of the northern fauna to preserve the population by solving specific problems, such as support and reproduction of such a rare species as the Amur tiger.

Due to the long, snowy and harsh winter of 2015 - 2016, the issue of survival of the animals in the absence of food became critical.
In January 2016, the management of Tigrus Holding consulted with specialists of Anyuysky National Park and allocated funds for the purchase of the first 30 tons of oats for feeding the wild ungulates, which are the main source of food for the Amur tiger.

The feed for the ungulates was immediately delivered to the national park's base, from where inspectors used snowmobiles to transport the animals to the feeding sites.

Winter 2015 - 2016
Many problems are responsible for the decline of the Amur tiger population:
- poaching, which is difficult to control in large areas;
- inadequate technical equipment of the park staff who study and monitor the tigers;
- large-scale (legal/illegal) deforestation of deciduous and cedar forests, leading to a decline in the forage base for wild ungulates (the tiger's food source);
- poor education of local people, leading to hostile attitudes towards the tiger, and more.
January 2016
A pilot fundraising by guests has started. 3 restaurants of the holding - Bar BQ Café - were involved in the implementation of the new environmental project. A special "Tiger" surcharge was introduced on the menu for some dishes. All proceeds were used to solve the problem of Amur tiger conservation.

The expedition to Anyuysky National Park opened up new goals for the founding couple Henrik and Julia Winter - to share the elation of being part of the great outdoors with friends, the guests of Tigrus Holding's restaurants, and to make their contribution to the preservation of the Amur tiger population, a unique animal listed in Russia's Red Book.
From 2016 to the present
The Foundation raised more than 25 million rubles for environmental projects. Tigrus Charitable Foundation, in close partnership with Tigrus Restaurant Holding, is holding a series of events to attract more interest from guests of the restaurant chain in the issue of red-book animals.

The leaders of the holding company provided charitable events - "Tigrus Day" - at the restaurant's sites. Every last Saturday of the month, the restaurant chains Osteria Mario, Bar BQ Cafe, Shvili and Zest organize an ecological family festival with competitions, entertainment for young guests and the presentation of gifts - pins, children's cards, educational books about the Amur tiger, which educate children and adults about the life of the Amur tiger - the most important predator in the Far East. Proceeds from the events are transferred to the Foundation for the implementation of environmental projects.