Friends Business Club of the Tigrus Charitable Foundation - NORTHERN TIGER
We announce the formation of a club for those who want to work for the conservation of the northernmost tiger on Earth!
On the eve of the Old New Year, we announce the formation of a club for those who want to help save the northernmost tiger on Earth.

Both individual and collective members (companies, organizations) are accepted.

  • Silver Tiger - annual fee from 100 thousand rubles.
  • Golden Tiger - annual fee from 250 thousand rubles
  • Platinum Tiger - annual fee from 400 thousand rubles per year

What are the funds of supporters used for?
  • 100 thousand rubles - organization of several anti-poaching raids
  • 300,000 rubles - 20 tons of oats for feeding ungulates in the snow season.
  • 500 thousand rubles for a new snowmobile for patrolling the tiger's habita

Privileges for members:
1. mention on the website, social networks, printed publications, media - partners of the project/foundation
2. honorary diplomas of Tigrus Charitable Foundation
3. breakfast with the president of CF/president of Tigrus Holding (once a year).
4. participation in the Tigrus expedition to the habitat of the northern tiger in Anyuysky National Park (expedition of employees and friends of Tigrus Holding, which takes place 2 times a year)

Many thanks to all who help the Amur tigers!

photo by V. Solkin (c)