Spring count of bear cubs
On the Medvezhiy Islands archipelago in the East Siberian Sea, the employees of the Medvezhiy Ostrova Reserve, together with specialists from the Ministry of Ecology of Yakutia, conducted a traditional count of polar bear dens and recorded traces of female bears with cubs.

During the survey of the islands from April 30 to March 5, 12 birth dens were noted, single traces of bears were seen on all the islands of the archipelago. According to experts, there were about 10 single polar bears in the area of work.

On the mainland of the Kurdigino-Krestovaya Resource Reserve, two families of polar bears, each with one cub, were recorded. No birth dens were found.

«On the territory of the new state «Bear Islands», a stable situation with the rearing of offspring of polar bears remains», - comments Viktor Nikiforov, Director of Nature Protection of the Tigrus Foundation - «We have been working with our Yakut colleagues on spring counts for almost 15 years, it is very important that the reserve expands research in the archipelago in the summer as well.»