For the first time in the last 50 years traces of the Amur tiger have been found in Yakutia!
Avialesokhrana observers found the first tiger in the 21st century and even in the last half century that entered Yakutia. Tiger tracks were found on the bank of the right tributary of the Aldan River. This is the southeastern part of Yakutia.

The arrival of the tiger in Yakutia was the result of the "Northern Tiger" project in Khabarovsk region, where our Tigrus Foundation provides funding for the conservation of the world's northernmost Amur tiger population in Anyuysky National Park.

The number of tigers in the Far East has exceeded 600 individuals. Therefore, the appearance of the tiger in Yakutia is a happy event for all animal conservationists who have been saving the rare predator from extinction for many years.