How we help tigers
To sustain the tiger at the northern limit of its habitat, the food base must be increased.
To increase the population of wild ungulates (the tiger's main food source), the Foundation buys up to 100 tons of grain (mainly oats and corn), which is distributed to the staff of Anyuysky National Park in Khabarovsk region.
Inspectors of the national park grow grain and salt (mineral feed) at feeding stations and sow forage fields for green fodder.
The Tigrus Foundation supports the work of the wildlife reserve management staff in Amur region in monitoring the tiger population year-round using video and photo recorders. The information obtained makes it possible to assess the status of the tiger population in the national park, develop measures to protect it, maintain the level of food reserves, and solve many problems related to the life support of Amur tigers.
The Foundation supports Anyuysky National Park specialists in conducting anti-poaching raids.
To protect the tigers, the Foundation buys snowmobiles, boats, motors, car parts, binoculars, walkie-talkies and uniforms for the inspectors of the National Park.
Thanks to the work done, it is possible to maintain a consistently high number of Amur tigers in the park.
The Foundation supports the staff of the Priamurye Nature Reserve Directorate in monitoring tiger populations with the help of photo recorders. The information obtained makes it possible to assess the condition of the tigers in the national park, develop measures for their protection, maintain the food supply, and resolve many issues related to the Amur tigers' life support.